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I accomplished my goal... sort of...

2010-04-25 19:22:00 by Link2370

Well, I technically accomplished my goal of finishing episode 6, since I've just finished animating it. I just have to add the finishing touches (menu, credits) and check it over to make sure everything looks the way I want it to be. So expect it to be released on newgrounds sometime next week.

As for the episode itself, I'm pretty satisfied with the way it came out. There won't be nearly as much action as episode 5, but I did about as much as I could considering it's the first episode of a new saga. There's a decent amount of plot and the story will cover Mario's journey in the afterlife along with a battle in the Mushroom Kingdom.

I think I did pretty well considering I couldn't start working on this untl March due to winter sports. So look out for SMB2: The Arrival 6 sometime next week.

...And my birthday's coming the 27th. Yay?


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2010-04-26 20:45:35

well atleast you're nt a procrastinator like me, i've been too busy to even start making my first flash submission here TT btw which program do you use?

(Updated ) Link2370 responds:

I use Adobe Flash CS4.

Oh, and trust me, I can be a huge procrastinator sometimes. =P


2010-04-27 07:25:58

well that makes me feel better :P and i'm stuck using liveswif until i save up enough money to buy adobe flash all i have saved up right now is $50 TT


2010-04-27 07:26:46

oh and i forgot in my last post, HAPPY B-DAY!


2010-04-27 19:25:25

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE!!!!!!!!!!

Link2370 responds:

Thanks guys


2010-05-01 11:30:34

As much as I've liked the series there's one thing I'd ask. Could you change Links Sprites to the ones in SSF2 those I think are much better. and happy birthday My Birthday is also this month but on the 5th.