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2010-05-06 20:04:07 by Link2370

I've found some nice battle sprites for Waluigi. The ones that are done by Starpower are good and all, but not really too useful for a fight scene. I recolored them to look like they're M&L styled, so he won't look out of place. So you can expect to see him in the next saga after the next four episodes or so.

Why am I telling you this? Because Waluigi probably won't make an actual appearance for another year. And if the next episode of SMBZ mysteriously included these Waluigi sprites (which are more fit for battle), I'd be swarmed by many ignorant SMBZ fans.

(Note how I said ignorant SMBZ fans, and not all of them. Not all SMBZ fans are retarded, just some of them. This includes people that compare EVERYTHING to SMBZ and flame anything that even slightly resembles it.)


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2010-05-06 20:15:48

I don't care if the Waluigi sprites look like SMBZ. Your series is AWESOME! Also Waluigi has a crush on Peach if you didn't know,


2010-05-06 20:35:39

Also will Link be returing anytime soon or was that just for the first saga?

Link2370 responds:

He was just for the first saga. The rest of the story will take place in Mario's world. Don't worry though. An original character that I came up with will come into the story much later, and he should be badass enough to be a replacement for Link.

But that's pretty far in the future.


2010-05-07 16:09:05

Thats good being Wario's wingman and all I was wondering when he would get involved. So far the new saga has been interesting with Mario in the "Underwhere" from Super Paper Mario. Keep up the good work bro.

Link2370 responds:



2010-05-09 15:08:37

Also will the babis return? they were my favs. next to metal Mario.

Link2370 responds:

Actually, yes. They'll have a little more screen time in this season, and they will play a key role in the series later on as they grow into teenagers.


2010-05-26 17:25:22

i bet turning them into teenagers will take a Lot of work. the spriting i mean.

Link2370 responds:

Yeah... I still need to figure out how I'm gonna do that.


2010-05-28 07:12:14

also ONE more question.

Will Peach be fighting?

Link2370 responds:

She won't be fighting, but she'll only be kidnapped maybe twice in the whole series. So she won't always be a useless damsel in distress, either. She'll actually have some character development as Mario's journeys grow more dangerous.


2010-06-23 16:36:34

Ok then! Ps, I saw your ratings, all videos were something near 3.50. THAT'S B-S! I loved your flashes, they diserve more creit then that! ><


2010-07-07 15:29:44

I don't really care much about Waluigi having the same sprites as SMBZ could you put Megaman into the story and make him sidekick with mario.