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SMB2 The Arrival 7 is out!

2010-10-30 15:51:34 by Link2370



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2010-10-30 16:01:57

I watched and voted 5! Dude the seires just keep getting better!!!!!!!

Link2370 responds:



2010-10-31 10:47:55

That was fucking amazing, make more!


2010-11-06 15:52:20

The episode was amazing! Right now I your doing better than Alvin Earthworm.
Even the recolor of Sage Harpuria looked amazing.


2010-11-06 17:25:39

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2010-11-20 12:57:09



2010-11-30 14:45:05

Great work. keep it up. One Question. could you involve link in the final battle with Lord Shade in different sprites


2010-12-02 22:03:05

SMBZ! Oh wait
It's just another shitty rip off
Go fuck yourself.

Link2370 responds:

You again? Hmph. I could type up another paragraph to prove your incompetence, but why bother when I can just post my response to your review for SMB2: The Arrival 7. Here, read it slowly and carefully:

"You're either blind or just stupid if you think that this series is solely based on fighting. Even if you might personally think the action concepts aren't original (because in SMBZ, Luigi OBVIOUSLY has a mysterious power that will be central to the plot later on, etc.), I hope that you're at least smart enough to realize that the plot is growing to be even more important than the action. And if you're going to talk about originality, at least my plot isn't a rip-off of the Android Saga of DBZ (which SMBZ basically is, though I still enjoy the series)."

If you already read this response before posting that message, you clearly aren't all that bright.


2010-12-17 21:29:42

You are a great Flash maker. I want to be just like you.