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Should my series have another title?

2011-01-09 19:36:19 by Link2370

Hello, I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. SMB2: The Arrival 8 is coming along swimmingly. It could be released quite soon, but it would be a shorter episode with more plot than action. I'm most likely going to try to add another fight and release it sometime later next month, but we'll see.

Anyway, my main reason for posting this is, do you think my series should have a single, universal title? Under my current system, episodes are titled SMBX: (with X being the arc number), followed by the title of the arc, followed by the overall episode number. I've been thinking that it would be much easier to just give the series one name. For example, episodes would be titled Tales of the MK: EP 01, etc. I just don't know what to call the series.

My only problem with this is that it might confuse people who know the series as SMB: Prelude to Terror or SMB2: The Arrival. On the other hand, it would make things less complicated for newer fans. Plus there's the problem of coming up with an original, non-lame title that isn't too long (there's a character limit for flash submissions).

Please give me your opinion on the matter, and if possible, suggest a name for the series. I was thinking maybe Tales or Legends of the MK. What do you think?


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2011-01-10 00:41:40

It should have a universal about 'SMB:Dark Armies Invasion'...or something similer.

Link2370 responds:

The only problem is that this is only the first season, and the next season will have a different plot. Thanks for the input though. :D


2011-01-14 15:28:47

Mario Bros Adventures or Mario Bros. Star Chronicles, Mario & Luigi: Legends etc. etc. blady bla bla


2011-01-21 15:53:09

I think the idea of an universal name followed by the ep. number is the best idea.
As to the older fans, yes it might be complicated, but you only need to look at the posting date of the episode to find the right order.


2011-02-03 14:58:51

I think it should be Tales of the MK. That's just my opinion.