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SMB: The Mushroom Hero EP 11 is almost done!

2012-09-22 22:51:56 by Link2370

Sorry it's been taking so long, I'm just about finished. I haven't been able to work on it as much since school started back up again. It's my senior year and I've been busy thinking about college and trying to get a job. But hopefully I'll have it done by late September/early October.

I'd say that Mace is probably gonna be the star of this episode, so you'll get to find out what's up with him if you've been wondering. Episode 11 will wrap up the whole starship arc of the series and the next few after that will likely be enough to finish the Lord Shade season as a whole. From there I have about 2 more seasons planned with an increasingly darkening plot. I've been going at such a slow rate though. I wish I could animate faster. =P

Oh, and I remember saying a while back that while Link would not be returning as a central character, there would eventually be someone badass enough to take his place. I won't say much, but that character will be coming into the spotlight very soon.


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2012-09-23 14:41:52

Awesome, Glad to hear this series is still going. I love it.